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Terms & Conditions


Invoices for fees are issued at the start of each term via email and must be paid within 2 weeks of receipt.
Late payments will incur a 10% admin charge. Payments should be made by BACS preferably.

Medical & Wellbeing

A pre-existing medical condition, injury or special educational need should be communicated on registration. If students hurt themselves or feel unwell in class they should tell their teacher immediately.

Safe Touch

Physical instruction which involves safe touch is sometimes essential to aid teaching and learning. Please speak to the teacher if you would like to discuss this.

T's & C's: Classes


Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

T's & C's: Files


A neat tidy presentation and pride in our appearance is an important aspect of the dance class. It allows students to work correctly and safely. 
Correct dance academy uniform should be worn in class with hair neatly up and away from the face.


Parents/Carers shall indicate on their registration form if they agree to photographs of their child being used to market or advertise the dance academy either on the website or in social media posts. Photos will not be used for any other purpose but may be retained under the data protection act 1998.
Any photographs taken by parents at watching weeks or performances should not be shared on social media platforms if the images include other children.


*It is important that children arrive on time for their class. Late arrival may mean they miss the important warm up section of the class and any information given out at the start.
*Regular attendance is not only important for the development of the individual student but also the progression of the whole class. This is particularly important in the run up to an exam or performance where attendance will be monitored and students who fail to attend regularly will be withdrawn.

T's & C's: Classes
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